Every year Mystery House Comics publishes an anthology called 6x6 where 6 writers and 6 artists from the Treasure Valley collaborate on six different five page stories centered on one theme!  The book is released at The Boise Library Comic Con in August, so it's time to get to work!  Want to get involved?  Now's your chance!


The theme for this year’s anthology is: Home! Take a moment to let that thoroughly seep into your brain-space. Got it? Good! Now, here’s what we need from you.


6x6: Home (2018) Currently Accepting Submissions


Writers: Submit a full script for a 5 page story on the theme Home. Be creative! Be daring! Take the theme somewhere we’d never expect it to go! Here's a few tips if you're not sure how to go about writing a comic book script click here.

Artists: Below is a one page, five panel script for you to illustrate and letter. Show us you know how to take a script from concept to completion. Put your own unique touch on this very short story, while at the same time remaining true to the author’s vision. All submissions are expected to be digitally sent, as either a .psd or .jpg file. Looking for some guidance on that? Click here.

Writer and Artist?: Applicants may apply as both a writer and artist! In the end, however, applicant may only be chosen to participate as one or the other.


Deadline: All artwork and scripts must be submitted by 11:59 pm, February 28th.


Notification: Applicants will be given offers for participation no later than March 11th, 2018. If not chosen, applicants are encouraged to ask for feedback.


Submit to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Additional entry requirements:


“One of the goals of the 6x6 Anthology Series is to pair people of different styles, experience levels, and backgrounds in order to build relationships and skills.”  


  • Please reside in the Treasure Valley and be reliable for participation and communication in person.  

  • Please be willing and able to attend meetings with your fellow creators and the 6x6 staff.

  • Please be open-minded and willing to learn how the collaborative comic creation process works.

  • Please understand that all stories and art will be edited and changes will likely be suggested.

  • Please be willing to work with your editors to make the necessary changes to strengthen the anthology as a whole.

  • Please remember to breathe and have fun!


*Must be age 16 to apply, but we ask that anyone under the age of 18 have parental support and guidance in this because there are contracts, agreements, and appointments that are required.


**All submissions will be considered by the editors, and writers will be paired with artists at the editor's discretion--and each pairing will have the chance to meet in person several times to work on their stories together.



While participation in this project isn't paid, there are definitely perks!  


  • Make friends, build relationships, and network with fellow creators at a meet-and-greet pizza party in March.

  • Get feedback at two group workshops designed to help strengthen the stories you're working on in April.

  • Receive ten (10) complimentary copies of the finished comic book and an opportunity to purchase more at cost.

  • Help promote the release by signing at the official 6x6 table at Boise Library Comic Con in August.

  • Celebrate your hard work at the Release Party in October with a champagne toast, signing appearance, and a multimedia projection of your story read by professional actors!




By Elysium Jacks



Panel 1: This scene takes place on the surface of a crater-filled planet beneath a starlit sky. A space lab with the sign “Heliosa Labs” is the only humanoid structure that can be seen.  

Caption: Somewhere, not too far away, in a neighboring galaxy…

Panel 2: Two scientists are shown conducting experiments inside of the space lab. The first scientist, a plump woman with pigtails, is dissecting an alien creature while the second scientist, a tall balding man, prepares slides for the microscope. The microscope has a label reading: #16,658. There is a large window behind them with a view of the planet.

Woman: I have a good feeling about this hybrid experiment 16,658!


Panel 3: A close-up of the man’s eye through the microscope as he is observing the experiment.


Panel 4: The man appears blithe and bamboozled. He has thrown his arms up in the air, waving for the woman’s attention.

Man: Hmm…that is unexpected. These results are extraordinary. Come check this out!!!


Panel 5: Close-up of hybrid alien amoebas throwing a party.