The concept was simple: 6 writers, 6 artists, 6 stories, 5 pages each, all from Boise, Idaho and unleashed like a maddened horde upon a single word: Feral. To focus the full force of their fearsome fecundity and stand well back and watch what stunning creations emerge from their nimble and unbecalmed minds. As with many simple ideas, this turned out to be more complicated than expected. This was no natural birthing process, but a c-section, on a sea-tossed ship, heavily taking water. The result? Beastly stories. Dark and haunting stories. Stories shot through with loss and angry nature. Stories of people valiantly struggling with their most devious, their age-old, enemy... Themselves.

Featuring the talents of:

Albert Frank Asker and Shanae Lavelle

John Barrie and Jason Large

Erica Crockett and Connor Meldrum

Rachel Holt and Joseph Bradshaw

Jon Keithley and Jeremy Webster

Jon E. Waters and Tarey Potter


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Comic Book

6x6:Feral is a collaboration between Mystery House Comics and Corvid Tear Media

Sample Pages from 6x6: Feral:

"Scout Camp"
Written by Jon Keithley and Illustrated by Jeremy Webster





































Written by Ericka Crockett and Illustrated by Connor Meldrum