Somewhere in a nearby galaxy, on a planet not too far away, there is a place somewhat familiar to most, a placewhere life comes to gather and thrive. In this place, strange and wondrous things evolve from dark alleys,uneaten pizza crusts, off-the-wall coffee shops, and toadstools. Some of them are frightening, perhaps even alittle evil, some are hilarious, some are just lost, and some are even adorable (in their own way). This lotof heroes, villains, vagabonds, and imaginary creatures often come and go with little to no recognition. Until now…

Once a year, there is a great gathering of masters of the mini-verse (two wizards, a pirate, and an albino giraffe).They seek out these scribes and cave painters to find a select few, a lucky dozen to be exact, to bring togethernew myths and legends.

You will be astounded, entertained, and the true desires of sentient beings shall be revealed…
Everybody’s looking for, fueled by, or led to something; be it love, power, recognition, redemption, revenge, or themeaning of life (it's Mulder’s Apt. #, btw). Often, it’s the gold at the end of the rainbow – a lifelong pursuit of the ever
unattainable. Other times it’s as simple as a photograph, a few circus peanuts, or that lucky paper clip stuffed inthe bottom of your jeans pocket.

The real question is, what happens when they find it? Are their lives fulfilled? Do they find true happiness?Is this great value they seek worth it? What about you? Have you found it yet?

All shall be revealed within (within the pages of this comic, so keep reading and share with everyone you know).Welcome to the jung…err, desert. A place with endless possibilities, busy city streets, chewing gum on the bottom of shoes, and panoramic views of countryside and sunsets.

A place they call the Valley of Treasure.



Available starting August 26th and 27th at Boise Library Comic Con!


Featuring the talents of:

 Steve Willhite and Barry Barnes

Matthew Dominick and Cheryl Morris

Adozinda and Tarey Potter

Matthew Vorhies and Nathan Viebell

Jake Scholl and Arik Grant

Dan Feldmeier and Hanna Paulson