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This year’s 6x6 anthology is 32 pages of make-believe.  Children playing, adults deceiving themselves, and one or two heads resting firmly on their pillows, imagining a world they never knew.  


This year as in all the years before, 6 writers came together to spin 6 yarns that were then brought to life by 6 artists.  Each were given 5 pages.  The pairings spark with the magic of a new creative partnership, because none of these creative duos have worked together before.  Each of these stories seems to come easily from out of their minds and onto the pages you hold.  Why?


Because no one knows how to PRETEND… like an artist.


Featuring the talents of:


Jacob Bear and Joseph Bradshaw

Jared Dawson and Stephen Bender

Catherine Kyle and Dan Feldmeier

Elysium Jacks and Steve Willhite

Anthony Machado and Mike Dreher

Sarah Nash and Tarey Potter


Oops, we did it again...but this time with 23% less trans-fat! This comic will stick in your mind, but not to your ribs! 6x6:Momentum is the healthy option, whether you're a busy dad on the go, a busy mom on the go, a busy bartender on the go, a busy emergency helicopter pilot on the go, a busy Fnordic Track dealer on the go, a busy bathroom attendant on the go, a busy sousaphone player on the go, a busy emu farmer on the go, a busy street hustler on the go, a busy cartoonist on the go, a busy door-to-door salami salesman on the go, a busy Martian Manhunter on the go, or just some kid. There's something in this book for everyone, so buy a copy for everyone you know.
6 artists, 6 writers, 6 stories, 5 pages each!  All creators from the Treasure Valley!
Available now!
Featuring the talents of:
Stephen Bender and Jay O'Leary
Heidi Coon and Sarah Olson
Jared Dawson and JT Millstead
Ken Henningsen and Mike Dreher
Elysium Jacks and Jacob Bear
Randall Kirby and Adrianne Presnell
Cover by Amber Jones

Comic Book


6x6:Momentum is a collaboration between Mystery House Comics and Corvid Tear Media

The concept was simple: 6 writers, 6 artists, 6 stories, 5 pages each, all from Boise, Idaho and unleashed like a maddened horde upon a single word: Feral. To focus the full force of their fearsome fecundity and stand well back and watch what stunning creations emerge from their nimble and unbecalmed minds. As with many simple ideas, this turned out to be more complicated than expected. This was no natural birthing process, but a c-section, on a sea-tossed ship, heavily taking water. The result? Beastly stories. Dark and haunting stories. Stories shot through with loss and angry nature. Stories of people valiantly struggling with their most devious, their age-old, enemy... Themselves.

Featuring the talents of:

Albert Frank Asker and Shanae Lavelle

John Barrie and Jason Large

Erica Crockett and Connor Meldrum

Rachel Holt and Joseph Bradshaw

Jon Keithley and Jeremy Webster

Jon E. Waters and Tarey Potter


6x6 is available for purchase. Buy today!

Comic Book


6x6:Feral is a collaboration between Mystery House Comics and Corvid Tear Media

Saved from peril by a wandering traveler, Christian continues on his path to righteousness. Only this time, he's not alone. Joined by his old friend Pliable, Christian sets out to cross the deserts, slog through the swamps, and face threats barring him from his goal. One of those threats plans to make himself known. Enter: Beelzebub.

Kingdom of Freedom is an 8-part miniseries adapting The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan.


Issue 2 available digitally: TODAY!

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Written and Illustrated by Joseph Bradshaw

Colors by Andrew Chason