In case you didn’t notice… we’re back!

We at Mystery House Comments have this habit on taking on a lot.  Often times it’s more than we can handle.  Shivertown, a weekly blog, our Extra Life fundraising efforts, the 6x6 anthology, a monthly Drink and Draw, not to mention every convention and appearance we can possibly schedule… by the end of the year we’re exhausted.  So once the holidays kick in we kick back.  We spend time with our families, watch Christmas movies, and play video games, ignoring our responsibilities as comic book publishers.  Then every January we return refreshed, renewed, rejoicing.

You might have noticed this January has been a little slower than most.

2017 is a big year for me.  You might recall that in November of 2015 I proposed to my long-time-lady-love Nikki.  Oh, you don’t?  Read this blog post and get caught up then. Well this is the year.  After nine years beating around the bush we’re finally tying the knot and other cliches.  A wedding is a lot of work to plan though, and it’s going to take a lot of the time that normally goes into our comic book company.  “Just pass off more responsibility to your partner Shanae this year,” I hear you mumbling.  Not so easy.  Shanae is one of my best friends, and thus one of my esteemed Groomsmen.  That comes with a lot of responsibility like designing our invitations, getting to know the other groomsmen, and making sure I get to the church on time!

So we’re cutting back this year.

“Wait, what about all that stuff you do every year?!  Does this mean we won’t see you at conventions, and we won’t have a 6x6 to read?”  Never fear.  We’ve talked extensively about what workload we can handle this year and we’ve been able to cut corners here and there to ensure we’re still moving forward without breaking our backs OR the bank!




Yep.  You can still find one or both of us every month at Drink and Draw.  We even have the whole year’s schedule planned out in advance! You can find it here!




Our annual anthology has become something bigger than just the two of us.  This book belongs to the community.  We wouldn’t dream of letting our personal lives interrupt our mission of creating opportunities for local writers and artists hoping to collaborate and work together.  We will publish a volume this year to be released in August at the Boise Library Comic Con.  There will be a 6x6 table at the convention again this year.  Our release party may get pushed back later in the year than normal (how does October sound?) but we’ll be back at the Shriners Hall where you can meet the creators and watch their stories come to life on screen.




While we won’t be travelling out of the area this year (sorry Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con) Mystery House Comics will still appear at all your favorite local conventions, including but not limited to Border Town Comic Con, CWI Comic Con, and the Boise Library Comic Con (though I’ll be on my honeymoon and will be leaving the table in the adept hands of Shanae, Joseph Bradshaw, Mike Dreher, and Elysium Jacks).




We’re still hard at work, plugging away on a Shivertown graphic novel.  That’s going to take some time, and you wouldn’t have seen its release in 2017 even WITHOUT my wedding.  Don’t worry.  It’s coming.




We’re proud to announce that KOF #1 will see print for the first time, and will see its release at Border Town Comic Con, where writer/artist Joseph Bradshaw will be manning the MHC table full time!  




Our new venture, an internet radio network of podcasts and radio plays, will continute unabated.  There will probably be a three month hiatus in July, August, and September, but the other nine months of the year will be chock full of content with “All There is to Know” every Monday, “Pascagoula Runners” every Tuesday, and “Idaho Comics with Albert Asker” the first of every month!  We’ve even got a few surprises and announcements in the works… keep those fingers crossed for even MORE new content!




Listen.  Something’s gotta give.  I’ve got a lot of work to do.  But I’m committed to keeping this blog alive.  I WON’T, however, be able to commit to a weekly schedule anymore.  My promise is to drop a blog post ONCE A MONTH starting this month (you’re reading it, duh).  If something important happens I’ll scramble to cover it in a Bonus Blog, but no promises.  Look for Mystery House Comments to drop the FOURTH SUNDAY of every month for the rest of 2017.


Is there anything I’m missing?  I hope not, but if so feel free to hit me up at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and nag me until you get an answer!
It’s going to be a great year.  Thank you all in advance for your continued support and patronage.  

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