For the last year-and-a-half we've teamed with Red Feather Lounge to release Shivertown coasters every three months or so.  Each one represents another panel or two in a never-before-seen story featuring our characters, Jeph Blackstone and Gary Hell, Jr.  Last Sunday marked the final coaster's release and we went out with a bang.  We decided not to just throw one party... we'd throw SEVEN PARTIES in the form of one giant... you guessed it... scavenger hunt.

We chose each stop very carefully to be in line with Red Feather's mission statement.  Each one is a business that supports Red Feather, or that Red Feather supports, or BOTH!  In some instances they're the locations from which Red Feather and Bittercreek Alehouse get the products they sell.  Each had to be a business or organization we were proud to support and we wanted to get as many eyes on them as possible.

To begin the day we all met at Bittercreek Alehouse (next door to Red Feather) for registration.  Most of us had a couple drinks, some lunch, and then we turned our stop-workers loose to man their locations.

We'd announced ahead of time that participants would receive extra points for showing up in a Shivertown costume.  Carolyn became our first cross-gender Jeph Blackstone.  



She played the part well all day on social media through fantastic videos tracking her progress.   Everyone was encouraged to post pictures using #RFScavHunt to try to win a prize basket, so you can find a lot of gems not included in this blog on both Facebook and Instagram.

When it was time to begin I brought all our hunters down to the basement below Bittercreek and Red Feather where we keep the Urban Worm, our worm farm where we send our scraps for composting.



Here they were briefed on the rules.  They would have to decipher clues to figure out where each stop was.  The clues were in the form of cocktail recipes, printed on the back of coasters.  They would know they were in the right place when they saw a 2ft x 2ft Shivertown coaster, and a stop-worker who would run them through an activity.  Each point they scored on activities translated into 30 seconds off their final time.  Their first coaster was hidden amongst a smattering of empty coasters scattered on the floor.  They had to flip them all over to find the right one.


On their scorecards was a space for EXTRA CREDIT.  To get this they had to show up to their first stop on a Boise Green Bike, a bike-share program with many locations around downtown and BSU.  



Their first official stop (or the "first coaster" as we referred to it) was Rediscovered Books.  The recipe/clue was: 


The Staff Pick

2 oz Reading Material

1 oz 8th Street

1 oz Main Street

.5 oz BOIS00010

Serve in a martini glass or on a Boise Green Bike for extra oomph!


Once there they had to find and photograph 5 items and show them to the stop-worker before they could move on.  They were:


One of Rediscovered Books' Event Calendars

The comic "March"

Chaucer, the bookstore mascot

The Oxford Introductions

The Pop Culture Section



Then they were off to the second coaster:


The Boise and Beyond

1 oz Thomas Paul & Gabe Dunn

1 oz Sadie Mayhem

1 oz The Earthpig


Shake together and strain into a collins glass.


Radio Boise, duh.  



There, Oscar (you know, our web guy) played a carefully edited one-minute clip from 5 different old-time radio shows: one from Batman, The Green Hornet, The Lone Ranger, The Shadow, and Superman.  Each had been rebooted in Hollywood in the last 25 years.  They had to match what they heard to the name of the show.




Then came Boise Brewing, or Coaster 3.


The BB

2 oz Broad Street Blonde

1.5 oz Down Down Extra Pale

Splash Rocky Point Plum Saison


Serve in a chilled, crowd-funded pint glass


There Boise Brewing employees walked everyone through a blind-tasting of their beers.  I heard some people didn't have the palates they'd initially thought.




4 oz Idaho Wildlife

.5 oz Idaho Water

.5 oz Idaho Wilderness

Consume and conserve in an open space.



It was on the way to Coaster 4 (The Idaho Conservation League) that the thunderstorms began.  This is a pretty long trek, so a couple people had to call a Lyft, but they made it.  There on the ICL's famous front porch stop-workers were waiting to run them through a matching game of Idaho plants, animals, and landmarks... with fun facts to help them along.  



After that doozy of a trek I'm sure it seemed like nothing at all to get to Leaf Teahouse for the 5th coaster.


The Local Teahouse

6 oz Loose Leaf Tea

Garnish with a local leaf

Serve with vegan soup, salad, or baked goods.


Susan, the owner, put together what I heard was one of the most fun parts of the day!  Contestants tasted, smelled, then heard the names of man exotic teas.  They then had to point out their country of origin on the big map they have upstairs.  Extra points if they could narrow it down to the region.



Then it was back to the Red Feather mezzanine where I took their scorecards and tabulated their final times.  After a few cocktails it was time to announce the winners.

Ken Steidle got first place with a time of 22 minutes total!

John Greener got the Good Samaritan award for buying beers for stop-workers.

Carolyn Greener got a prize basket for wearing a Shivertown-themed costume!

Erika Thornton received our Social Media award for most and best use of the hashtag.

Danielle Scott was the last one to the mezzanine.  With a time of 2 hours, 6 minutes she got our Last Place prize basket which included all 7 coasters framed for hanging.


Everyone who participated got a prize basket which is tremendous!  Not nearly as tremendous as the after-party though.  We had the blown-up coasters scattered around the mezzanine and everyone had a lot of fun with gimmicks from their prize baskets (each basket also had a lot of great donations from the businesses who participated).



Once everyone had pulled their free coasters, stickers, and buttons from our sponsor table it was time to go.



This group plays hard... but they know when it's time to quit.  With our drinks emptied we headed home.  I feel pretty confident that a great time was had by all.  I hope to see you next time!


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