This year’s 6x6 anthology is 32 pages of make-believe.  Children playing, adults deceiving themselves, and one or two heads resting firmly on their pillows, imagining a world they never knew.  

This year as in all the years before, 6 writers came together to spin 6 yarns that were then brought to life by 6 artists.  Each were given 5 pages.  The pairings spark with the magic of a new creative partnership, because none of these creative duos have worked together before.  Each of these stories seems to come easily from out of their minds and onto the pages you hold.  Why?

Because no one knows how to PRETEND… like an artist.


Featuring the talents of:

Jacob Bear and Joseph Bradshaw

Jared Dawson and Stephen Bender

Catherine Kyle and Dan Feldmeier

Elysium Jacks and Steve Willhite

Anthony Machado and Mike Dreher

Sarah Nash and Tarey Potter




6x6: Pretend Sample Pages

"She's Gone"

Written by Sarah Nash and Illustrated by Tarey Potter


Written by Catherine Kyle and Illustrated by Dan Feldmeier

"Mr. Imagine"

Written by Anthony Machado and Illustrated by Mike Dreher