Oops, we did it again...but this time with 23% less trans-fat! This comic will stick in your mind, but not to your ribs! 6x6:Momentum is the healthy option, whether you're a busy dad on the go, a busy mom on the go, a busy bartender on the go, a busy emergency helicopter pilot on the go, a busy Fnordic Track dealer on the go, a busy bathroom attendant on the go, a busy sousaphone player on the go, a busy emu farmer on the go, a busy street hustler on the go, a busy cartoonist on the go, a busy door-to-door salami salesman on the go, a busy Martian Manhunter on the go, or just some kid. There's something in this book for everyone, so buy a copy for everyone you know.
6 artists, 6 writers, 6 stories, 5 pages each!  All creators from the Treasure Valley!
Available now!
Featuring the talents of:
Stephen Bender and Jay O'Leary
Heidi Coon and Sarah Olson
Jared Dawson and JT Millstead
Ken Henningsen and Mike Dreher
Elysium Jacks and Jacob Bear
Randall Kirby and Adrianne Presnell
Cover by Amber Jones

Comic Book


6x6:Momentum is a collaboration between Mystery House Comics and Corvid Tear Media

6x6: Momentum Sample Pages

"La Belle Rouge: Case of the Amulet of Kaang"
Written by Elysium Jacks and Illustrated by Jacob Bear


Written by Jared Dawson and Illustrations by John "JT" Millstead


"Bodies in Motion"

Written by Randall Kirby and Illustrated by Adrianne Presnell